• Rotary Natural Poplar Core Wood Veneer

    Rotary Natural Poplar Core Wood Veneer

    Advantages of poplar veneer
    1. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Qualified poplar veneer is made of pure natural poplar wood. The processing process is also purely natural without any harmful additives. For environmentally-conscious consumers, it is the first choice for decorative materials.
    2. It has natural poplar wood grain texture and color. Due to the use of natural poplar wood, the natural poplar veneer is born with its own wood grain texture, the grain is well-proportioned and natural, the color is beautiful and soft, no extra artificial processing is required, and the decoration is very beautiful!
    3. Good flexibility, can be matched and bent at will. Natural poplar veneer cannot be used after slicing. It has undergone many processes, cooking and drying, which not only disinfects and sterilizes, but also increases the toughness of the veneer, making it easier to pave and decorate!
    4. Exudes natural woody fragrance. This advantage of natural poplar veneer can be said to be an attached plug-in. Because of the use of raw wood materials, which comes with the fragrance of wood, the decoration at home has a natural log style!

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